Hinahina house for us, amazing.

For us, we are a large, loud and social family. This place has been amazing for gathering us together but giving us our space from sitting under the trees in the orchards to chilling on the porch and listening to the fantails and wood pigeons to sitting in the dining room on my laptop while the family cuddles up and watches movies in the lounge.

This place has the ability to accomodate without feeling stacked. I could yell through the house and have a conversation with my sisters or tuck up with a book around the corner next to the hammock and ignore them all.

Having people around and being able to set up a space for them to chill or sleep, to eat as a group and share and pass a plate. To set up activities for the kids while we all have a gossip outside. All the cars parked out the front and the bandies in the barn playing their instruments while I watch a documentary inside. Still able to listen or walk out and be a part of it without having to be in it.



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