Hinahina House, This could be your summer !

As a family we have been discussing the awesome things that we can do with our house in the attempt to keep it. While we are not able to live in it now, we have had the best Christmas holidays with friends from all over the world staying and in my greediness to keep this home for summer christmases I did put the pressure on the family to try and think of alternative ways of keeping it over the year.  This is all well and good for me to suggest but I currently live in London, so below are the great benefits of this property and some of my own ideas. 

Timeshare, split among your extended family and escape to the south! 

Hunting seasons – deer, duck, the annual boar hunt take place here! 

Bird watching, Horticulture, Surfing and Kayaking  and Outdoors Escape – Organise groups of people to come stay and access all that the Catlins has to offer. 

Fishing and Seafood, there is plenty of it, if you love it, why not live near it. 

It has the size and accomodation to function as a Wellness center, Day care centre, Bed and breakfast, Recording studio. Air BnB Destination with all the above activities to enjoy. An Arts and Craft community stop. 

Tiny house construction on the end of the property would be amazing! Using the orchard and the veggie garden, setting up chickens and getting off the grid.

I wanted to set up semi permanent Tee pee or Yurt for ‘Glamping’ in the summer. Space to park up a camper van or two and make it a space to welcome international travellers who are in the south,  WOFing nearby or making the drive around the south.  To drop in, contribute and enjoy the space!

There are local artists, craft shops, food connoisseur and local festivals ( Shout out to Mr Dreavers hot sauce + pies and the Catlins Cafe!



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